Welcome to MultiSat. Inscribe, Trade and Earn. Let's build the first truly community-owned multi-chain inscription marketplace together.

MultiSat | Embracing Community Triumph

MultiSat is dedicated to building a community-driven multi-chain inscription trading network that's open, fair, and genuinely nurtures from the grassroots. Without VCs or reservations, everyone actively participates, caring for community development and network growth, welcoming a victory that truly belongs to the community.

100% bottom-up is the community's victory

  • With no VCs and an initial total marketcap of $500,000, MultiSat is a truly bottom-up multi-chain inscription trading market

100% fair airdrop is the community's victory

  • MultiSat's platform token is MSAT,and will conduct a 100% fair airdrop to the Inscriptions and BTC communities

100% fair reward is the community's victory

  • All platform service fee income will be 100% fairly distributed to MSAT holders and community builders

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