MSAT Token Benefits

MSAT is the platform token of the MultiSat trading market. After the MSAT token airdrop, 100% of platform income will be fairly distributed to MSAT holders and community builders.

  • Get 25% LP Rewards

Provide MSAT liquidity on Uniswap and stake LP tokens to receive 25% of the platform income as LP rewards.

  • Get 50% Staking Rewards

After the launch of the MultiSat staking system, staking MSAT will yield 50% of the platform income as rewards.

  • Receive 25% Ecosystem Rewards

Genuine community contributors will receive 25% of the platform revenue as ecosystem development rewards.

  • LaunchPad New Project Airdrops

MSAT holders will receive airdrop rewards for new projects launched on the MultiSat LaunchPad.

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