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Blockchain Concepts


Inscription refers to the embedding of information or metadata into the blockchain, creating a permanent and tamper-resistant record. Inscriptions often serve to authenticate and timestamp data, ensuring its integrity and immutability within the decentralized ledger.


Mining is the process of using powerful computers to solve intricate mathematical puzzles. This computational effort secures the network, validates transactions, and introduces new units of the cryptocurrency into circulation as a reward for miners.


FDV is short for Fully-Diluted Value, refers to the market value after all tokens in the total supply of digital assets have been issued.

Multisat Concepts


MSAT is the platform token of the MultiSat trading market. After the MSAT token airdrop, 100% of platform income will be fairly distributed to MSAT holders and community builders.

Fair Launch

A fair way to issue tokens with no investors and no reservations, 100% token rewards belong to the community.

Alienverse Genesis Pass

Alienverse Genesis Pass, referred to as AGP, is a collection of 1,500 mysterious planets found in the AlienVerse, with many super benefits for the holders. The origin of ALIEN DAO, the accelerator of future-oriented NFT super ecosystem.

More information: AlienVerse User Guide

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