Q: When will Multisat officially launch?

A: Multisat will be officially launched on 20th January.

Q: On which chain will Mutisat launch?

A: Multisat will first launch on Arbitrum and then other chains, please stay tuned.

Q: What wallets does Multisat support?

A: Multisat now supports below wallets:

Q: What's the process and how to Participate?

A: Please check below user guide:

📖User Guide

Q: How do I stake my AlienVerse Genesis Pass?

A: Click the "Stake" button on the page and select the NFT(s) you want to stake. Confirm the transaction in your wallet to finish the staking process.

Q: Why is part of my inscription fee not displayed after I mint? A: Due to the large number of participants, there may be a delay in data display, so please be patient. If it shows on the chain, there is no need to worry.

Q: Why can't I unstake my AGP? A: Users can unstake after Feb. 1st 21:00 (utc+8).

Q: When will I be refunded? A: In each round, tokens are distributed based on the inscription fee contributions of all users in this phase. A hard cap is set for the inscription fee. Any amount exceeding the hard cap will be proportionally refunded to the user at 26 Jan, 20:00 (UTC+8).

Q: What is the limit for a single transaction in Trading Mining? A: Limit of one transaction is 5 ETH in Round 1, and is 1 ETH in Round 2/3.

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